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Lovely Africa

After staying in the village, we went on a trip to Kilimanjaro, we got there to 2700 m above sea level. to beautiful waterfalls, and then we continued sightseeing in Tanzania. We went on a safari where we visited several parks: Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro, Serengeti National Park, it was beautiful and wild.

I could put in a lot of pictures, but it is not the beautiful views that were most memorable to us and gave us the desire to help in our hearts, only their poor life with no chance of help from outside. While we were there, we gave away almost everything we took with us. It turned out that the imagination surpassed us. We did not expect that what we took them was a drop in the ocean of their needs. As a result, we left almost everything, we also gave our own things that we did not intend to give away.

Since then, we have been providing them with financial and material support. We send packages with clothing and toys. Thanks to the funds sent, 62 children were immunized against tetanus, but all this is not enough. This is not a help that will one day help them become independent. I need a school, medical care and water. This is something that seems obvious to us in our country, and there it is unattainable.