To Help Africa | About Us
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My name is Iwona Kreczmańska.

My adventure with Africa began in 2015, when together with my husband and friends we went on holiday to Zanzibar. Six months later, we were invited to celebrate the match for a warrior growing up in Masaya. We went there – to this part of the Dark Continent, where the white man is a rarity.

We’ve met ordinary, poor people, their problems, concerns for the life and future of their children. I decided to help them. I came back to Poland and started working. I founded the Association HELP AFRICA, whose aim is to help and give them a chance for a more normal, more dignified life.

Africa is my passion and my challenge. I want to help and do my best, but I can not change too much myself.


The aim of the Association’s activity is charity including:


  • Social assistance to meet the necessary needs of people and families from poorer regions of Africa, with particular emphasis on the Maasai families.
  • Providing help in every dimension, in particular living, educational and medical help.
  • Activities for organizations whose goals coincide with the activities of the Association, in particular those whose statutory objectives are broadly understood: organizing and providing humanitarian – living, educational and medical assistance to people from poorer regions of Africa.
  • Protection and promotion of health     Education, education and upbringing of children     School building for children from poorer areas of Africa, in particular children and Masai families
  • Promotion and organization of volunteering

The Association pursues its goals through:  

  • regular financial aid for the sake of learning or studying and maintaining (including granting scholarships) for children and young people, who due to their poverty have difficult access to education
  • purchase of food, hygiene products and other items necessary to meet the needs of everyday life. for families from poorer regions of Africa, affected by poverty
  • organization and financing of medical procedures, treatments and rehabilitation in centers and facilities in Poland or abroad
  • cooperation with entities operating in line with the objectives of the Association
  • cooperation with natural persons showing interest in the Association’s goals
  • cooperation in Poland and abroad with local government and government authorities as well as other institutions and persons with goals convergent with the objectives of the Association, supporting them organisationally, materially and financially
  • organizing volunteering and engaging volunteers in Poland and other African countries
  • adoption of children within the meaning of financial support for their subsistence